5 Strategic Objectives for 2023

The CEO of a very successful organization recently asked me for help with the following question...


Ryan, what should my expectations be for my leadership team next year?


Based on where his team is on the leadership journey, I shared several strategic objectives for consideration. Below are 5 key priorities/focus areas for your leadership team to consider for 2023:

  1. Identify and develop standards for your core processes. This leads to increased scalability of your business and improves onboarding, training, and repeatability of consistent outcomes for the improved client experience.
  2. Engage your employees in developing a culture of continuous improvement. This not only improves your processes & profitability but also increases buy-in from employees who will feel their voices and ideas are being heard (even in small ways)
  3. Develop leadership & communication training to build a strong culture. Clearly understanding and aligning purpose is becoming increasingly important to align both internally and with clients.
  4. Create or revise metrics around three key areas: QVS™ - Quality, Value, and Speed. Identifying overall QVS™ metrics for your organization, and then aligning personal or team objectives with these metrics will ensure that your team is all rowing in the same direction. These should also include customer-focused metrics that lead to successful, sustainable, and profitable outcomes.
  5. Employee development is the final element. Ensuring that your leadership team is creating paths and supporting the growth of junior employees will ensure a pipeline of future leaders. 


"Clearly aligned processes should enable your team to perform, create value, and ultimately fulfill your organization's purpose." -Ryan Weiss

The P5 Rocket™ Outlines the Following:

  • Define your purpose (why)
  • Identify the value you create for customers (what)
  • Align your performance metrics (where)
  • Get the right people in the right seats (who)
  • Establish processes that enable your team to be effective & efficient (how)
  • Develop and grow your team through investment in training to create energy that propels your organization forward. (when)

Does your team have an effective P5 Rocket™ strategy?


Learn more by downloading the ebook on Rocketing Your Team's Process or contact me to learn more!