Engaging with the Whole Team to Solve Problems: A Company's Best Tool

As a company grows, it's typical for the core leadership team to be the only ones solving problems. This is short-sighted and ineffective. In order to solve issues that are strategic in nature, a company should engage employees across all levels of their organization to generate fresh ideas and buy-in from different perspectives. One way to do this is with High Performance Workshops where you involve your entire workforce in problem-solving sessions. If these workshops are done on an ongoing basis, then they can turn into Continuous Improvement or Process Improvements as people learn how working together solves many problems faster than any one person could alone!

So what are some ways to engage your team?

- High Performance Workshops: Invite all levels of employees to work together in a facilitated session on an issue that's strategic and important. Give them the opportunity to generate some fresh ideas and have buy-in from other perspectives.

- Facilitated Brainstorming Sessions: Put your whole team on the spot by asking each person to brainstorm problems or ways in which to drive improvement.

- Quality Circle Meetings: Have your team meet regularly in quality circles where they focus on solving problems related to their job function and discuss solutions that will work for all employees.

We've actually built the perfect way to engage your team every single month on problem solving and improvement.

Our QVS System (Quality, Value & Speed) focuses on just THREE metrics that can dramatically improve each department in your business. Imagine the power of having each leader in your organization choosing, measuring, then actively working to improve their metrics on a monthly basis. If you run a small business and want to grow and scale, you have to grab your FREE copy of our QVS System right now!

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