The High Performance Workshop

Any entrepreneur can drive accountability and alignment throughout their entire organization using our High Performance Workshop because it's simple, quick to implement and based on decades of business leadership expertise.

We believe in it so much that we ONLY ask for payment AFTER the workshop is completed (...and you feel you’ve gotten value)

In just a matter of hours (not months)...


We'll dive deep into your core process with your management team, creating incredible harmony and alignment.


Your team will establish and own Key Accountability Metrics for their respective area.


We'll identify your most pressing issues, prioritize root causes and create a complete action plan to resolve them.

In the best businesses, systems run the business and ordinary people run the systems. Wouldn't that be a nice change?

Got a great company, but you're constantly defeated by distraction?

Does each day feel like death by 1,000 cuts?

Don't feel bad – we've been there before ourselves. In fact, that's exactly why we created this simple system with just three steps...

1. Alignment
2. Accountability
3. Action

Get everyone aligned and on the same page, hold them accountable and give them a clear action plan to execute on.

Your roadmap for the success, accountability and freedom you crave...



To achieve alignment, we first need to ask the question: What is our process for serving our customers? Often, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing...

In the alignment session we'll:

Work directly with your leadership team to map out your entire process

Identify pain points and issues limiting your growth

Align everyone on how your organization serves customers and create team harmony

Connect the dots between each department, enabling painless handoffs.


Why should all the weight fall on your shoulders? Let’s drive accountability throughout your entire leadership team.

In the accountability session we'll:

Have each member of your leadership team identify a quality, value and speed Key Accountability Metric for their area of responsibility

Prioritize your most pressing issues

Identify the root causes of those issues

Begin building your High Performance Dashboard – your team’s Key Accountability Metrics all in one place


Having a clear path of action is critical to making progress. You’ll have all of that – and more!

In the action session we'll:

Form a crystal-clear path of executing on your most pressing issues and improvement opportunities

Have a complete list of action items with assigned completion dates

Schedule 30, 60 and 90-day goalpost meetings to ensure traction

Finalize your High Performance Dashboard – your team’s improvement metrics all on one page

But why is this way so effective?

What we’ve found is that when people were voluntold, the results were horrible.

However, when people collaborated and volunteered, they took ownership and felt accountable for the results.

What we’re doing isn’t rocket science, but it is incredibly powerful and valuable…

In fact, it’s so powerful and valuable that we decided to do something unheard of and only ask for payment after the workshop is completed (...and you agree the value was there).

What have you got to lose?

Book your free discovery call today! We look forward to learning about your business and sharing some great insights.

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Dr. Angela Lauria

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