How to Train Your Team: Clear and Concise Processes

You've got a great team, and you're committed to making sure they stay happy. You want to make the process of training them as easy as possible so that your team can continue to thrive. There are many aspects involved in running a successful business, but one thing is certain: clear processes can help you accomplish more than ever before!

So how do you get set up for optimal plant performance and ensure everyone is trained in a consistent way?

One method we use with clients is called the job breakdown. The job breakdown is much better than the traditional SOP in that it enables you to clearly document three critical elements: What, How and Why.

The "Why" is often the most missed component within traditional SOP's. Often, SOP's go into tons of details, but simply not communicating the "Why" for each step makes it far more likely people will either forget or simply not do the task in the recommended manner.

When people understand the "Why" for each step the purpose for ensuring the job is done in a consistent manner is made much more clear.

The result? More streamlined and bulletproof training processes.

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