Perception. Innovation. Value.

How many of you see the image below as "innovation"?


I was at an innovation conference several years ago, and the speaker asked exactly that question. A few people laughed. Nobody raised their hand.


The speaker went on to share how a mechanical typewriter was given to a group of third graders, and they responded with: "Cool, a computer that prints when I type & never runs out of batteries!"

Looking at the world through the eyes of other people can be eye opening.

Fast forward to 2022. I was recently scrolling through some videos and stumbled on a different type of keyboard.


This unique keyboard ( enables people to type at the speed of thought!


Most of us take the QWERTY keyboard for granted as the "most efficient way to type", but that is only true to the extent that we have built our habits around old technology...


Disruption requires new ways of thinking.

None of you thought of the mechanical typewriter as an "innovation", yet how many are willing to try a new keyboard that enables users to type at 3x-4x as efficiently?


Change is hard but creating new habits can propel exponential change.


In the P5 Rocket(TM), Product is the second P. This is how your organization creates value for others. Is your organization a mechanical typewriter or a "characorder"?

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