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Drive waste down and profit up with a simple monthly subscription. Don’t have the luxury of a full continuous improvement support staff? Problem solved.

100% Virtual

Improvement on Autopilot

We know you’re busy. Simply sign up your managers/supervisors and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll access monthly reports with ROI and completed projects.

Challenge-Based Approach

We leverage a challenge-based approach where we instruct on a concept and then challenge your team to execute. Our unlimited coaching ensures success.

New Challenges Each Month

Members of your team will get a brand new video course and workbook that tells them exactly what to do and how to do it at the beginning of each month.

Did you know waste likely exists literally everywhere in your business?

Put simply, waste is anything your business is doing that customers wouldn’t be willing to pay for or doesn’t change the product or service being sold. Removing this waste supercharges your business, driving profits, quality and customer satisfaction up and costs down...all while making the work easier on your team!

A new waste treasure hunt each month! The perfect blend of technology, execution and results.

New Monthly Video Course

We know your people are incredibly busy. Our video courses are designed with this in mind – short, to the point and crammed with value

Great for those who prefer visual learning over reading

Convenient and accessible on any computer or mobile device

New monthly content keeps the program exciting, relevant and fresh


New Monthly Companion Workbook

Outlined monthly waste elimination challenge

Built around EPS’ Purpose + People + Process => Performance formula, ensuring high teamwork and engagement

Outlined with the exact questions to ask to gain meaningful insights and truly understand the given waste elimination opportunity

Specifically designed to deliver month over month profitable improvement results


100% money back guarantee if you follow the program and don’t get results within the first 30 days.

Would you like our help driving more profitability and growth for your business?